The only cake decorating class my Mom ever took was in 1972 when I was a baby. It was a class on how to decorate using a star tip. She took the class with the sole purpose of decorating birthday cakes for me.


My Dad would cut the wooden dowels (that was a long time ago) for all of her wedding cakes, help her deliver and stack the cakes.  He would also critique the final product and tell her if there were any spots that needed a frosting touch-up or flower.


One day, a friend asked my Dad if my Mom would make their daughter’s wedding cake. He was so confident in her designing abilities (actually, he probably thought to himself..."Pffff, how hard could it be?!") that he VOLUNTEERED her to make the cake! 

After my Mom recovered from the shock,  and failed to talk our friend into finding someone else, she reluctantly said yes! That first cake took 3 pounds of sugar.  WOW! That's a lot...or so we thought!  And so began the adventure.  She went on to design multiple wedding cakes for friends and family and became the cake designer for a very exclusive German restaurant!

At the age of 9 or 10, I became her frosting queen! I made the frosting for all of her cakes! It was also the first time I designed a cake of my own...for my Mom and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary!

When my Dad died in 2001, she thought she would never make another cake again, but I talked her into it! The bottom layer alone weighed 52 pounds!


This was the first fondant covered cake she had ever done.  It was also the very first cake we designed together as a Mother/Daughter team and my passion for designing cakes came to life!


You see, there is a story behind every cake we design!  A story of new love and new life!  A story that is filled with hopes and dreams of the future.  A story worth celebrating! 


At Mom's Cakes we pride ourselves in making your story come to life.  We pour love and emotion into every cake we design. 


Order from Mom’s Cakes! You won’t be disappointed!

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